AC battery employing Magistor technology
Publication number: US20110278938 A1
Publication date: Nov 17, 2011
Inventors: Patrick J. McCleer
ABSTRACT: "A DC/AC converter incorporates at least one Magistor module having a first sp control switch, a second sz control switch and a third sm control switch. ..."

Apparatus for the transfer of electrical power to a balancer
Publication number: US5453598 A
Publication date: Sep 26, 1995
Inventors: Brian K. Hackett, Patrick J. McCleer
ABSTRACT: "A method and apparatus is disclosed for transferring electrical power to a balancer 14 without the need for a physical connection between the balancer and the power source 16 or the controller 12 and which also provides for data communication between a balancer 14 and a balancer controller 12. ..."

Axial gap rotating electrical machine
Publication number: US8373299 B2
Publication date: Feb 12, 2013
Inventors: William G. Sharples, Patrick J. McCleer
ABSTRACT: " Direct drive rotating electrical machines with axial air gaps are disclosed. In these machines, a rotor ring and stator ring define an axial air gap between them. ..."

Brushless heteropolar inductor machine
Publication number: US6075302 A
Publication date: Jun 13, 2000
Inventors: Patrick J. McCleer
ABSTRACT: "A multiple phase heteropolar inductor electrical machine utilizing relatively movable stators and rotors wherein the rotors include electrical winding for producing electricity. ..."

Electrical generator
Publication number: US8598722 B2
Publication date: Dec 3, 2013
Inventors: Peter Hofbauer, Adrian Nicolaie Tusinean, Tyler R. Garrard, Patrick J. McCleer
ABSTRACT: " An electrical generator utilizing two internal combustion engine having an expanded range of power output is disclosed. ..."

Electromechanically actuated coupling and control assembly
Publication number: US20130256078 A1
Publication date: Oct 3, 2013
Inventors John W. Kimes, Patrick J. McCleer
ABSTRACT: " An electromechanically actuated coupling and control assembly is provided. In one embodiment, an overrunning clutch and control assembly having first and second operating modes is provided. ..."

Method of torque notch minimization for quasi square wave back EMF permanent magnet synchronous machines with voltage source drive
Publication number: US5387854 A
Publication date: Feb 7, 1995
Inventors: Patrick J. McCleer, Jack S. Lawler, Natarajan Narasimhamurthi
ABSTRACT: " A method for smoothing the torque characteristics of a multi-phase PM synchronous machine by controlled driving with a conventional voltage source inverter operated in accordance with a predetermined switching sequence wherein the sum of the excitation voltages applied to the incoming phase winding and outgoing phase winding are maintained constant at a predetermined value for the duration of each commutation period. ..."

Modular, brushless motors and applications thereof
Publication number: US20100119389 A1
Publication date: May 13, 2010
Inventors: Robert Lazebnik, Patrick J. McCleer
ABSTRACT: " A modular brushless motor may be reconfigured for different applications and power levels. ..."

Quasi square-wave back-EMF permanent magnet AC machines with five or more phases
Publication number: US5642009 A
Publication date: Jun 24, 1997
Inventors: Patrick J. McCleer, J. Milton Bailey, Jack S. Lawler
ABSTRACT: " A new class of higher phase-order (five or more) quasi square-wave back emf permanent magnet machines including radial, axial and linear embodiments which employ a greater number of active phase windings during continuous operation, thereby utilizing more of the machine copper and magnet material. ..."

Ring generator
Publication number: US7728446 B2
Publication date: Jun 1, 2010
Inventors: Peter Hofbauer, Patrick McCleer
ABSTRACT: "The present invention is a rotary device that may be adapted for use as a propeller assembly and electrical generator for aerial vehicles or other vehicles intended for fluid media. ..."

Starting control circuit
Publication number: US5206573 A
Publication date: Apr 27, 1993
Inventors: Arthur P. McCleer, Patrick J. McCleer
ABSTRACT: "A starting control circuit is provided for use with a mechanical duty single phase alternating current motor having a start winding and a main or run winding. ..."